Dr. Moetaz
Business and Talent Growth Consultant

Deciding to change your brand is a big step, what made you do it?

Anyone would visit my old website and online identity; they’d easily figure out the mismatch between my value on the ground and online, and it wasn’t working out.  When Social Station approached me to fix that I was a little anxious, but it turned out to be beyond my expectations! 

Can you tell us about your brand building process?

Social Station took the process to a new height. In every meeting we conducted, they surprised me with attention to detail, transparency and dedication level. Looking at the brand they’ve built, they brought elements that I never thought of in my own consultancy and as a trainer, the guidelines, templates and toolkits they’ve provided me with are enough to operate my business for decades to come.

How about your website?

Knowing the difference that Social Station team made to my website is extraordinary! Now I present my social media channels and website with pride. 

Did they help with your training toolkit?

This is something I never thought of but Social Station has brought it to my attention. Now, I have a guideline and bilingual templates to use for my private and public training sessions. 

Can you tell us a bit about LinkedIn profile customization?

This is actually where it all started back in 2019, Social Station has audited my LinkedIn profile; and optimised it. I had different results the next day after my LinkedIn Profile Optimization guidance. 

Would you recommend Social Station?

Of course. I can’t thank the best social media and digital marketing agency in the UAE and their Managing Director Anas Almarie enough. They were a vital part of my success. 

Where can we view your online platform?

You can check it out here: https://moetazsoubjaki.com/ 

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