Moath Albarbarawi
Fitness Consultant & Founder at Mo’Fit

How did you get the idea to transform your business online?

After 15 years of fitness business, I decided to transfer my daily workout with my clients to an online platform where I can talk and train to a bigger audience no matter where they are.

How did Social Station help you?

I chose Social Station to build my brand as well as a website to centralize all my activities with my clients and business partners.

Why did you choose Social Station?

I spoke to many agencies to build that and none of them quenched my thirst except Social Station because they understood what I wanted, how I wanted it, and where and for whom I wanted it. It was a clear sign that I’d have exactly what I wanted by working with them. 

Would you recommend Social Station?

Yes, I highly recommend them. A really big thank you to the best web development and branding agency in Dubai for all the efforts and hard work that you’ve put into my brand.  

Where can we view your platform?

You can find me on: www.dxbtrainer.com

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