Branding | Social Media | Website & Ecommerce

Branding | Social Media | Website & Ecommerce

Branding | Social Media | Website & Ecommerce

Branding | Social Media | Website & Ecommerce

Who is is an exterior and interior architecture design studio that believe in results. To them, the best results are a combination of comfort, wow-factors, space utilisations, the choice of furniture, and the quality of building materials to create timeless rooms.

How did Social Station help? approached us with a concept and a story, and our job at Social Station was to translate their story into an identity, and an online presence that would reflect for what and who it was.


The branding process for started with coming up with a concept that represents the architecture. The combination of sharp angles, warm colours, and other design elements created a balance of methodology and vision and gave its unique taste in the world of architecture and design studios.

Social Media Marketing social media needed to be true to its creator and what it stood for. It needed to reflect their professionalism as well as the creativity they approached projects in. That led to creating a visual grid that reflected unique aesthetics.

Website & Ecommerce

The website for went through a similar reasoning method. It needed to be a gallery that showcases’s skill, strengthen their presence, as well a platform where potential clients can request the services they desire, see a wide range of projects, and learn more about who is.

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